“Your Enthusiasm....Shocks Me” Hog Days 2018

Once a year the small town of Kewanee, Illinois practically doubles in size while most of the residents and their family and friends come out and participate in this thing called Hog Days. 

Some people love and enjoy this festive event, we will call them Annies, while others would rather avoid the chaos and stay far away, well except for maybe grabbing a pork chop or two, we will call these people Allies.

There are many Annies that celebrate Hog Days, getting together with friends and reminiscing of the good ol’ days, while the Allies would prefer to escape town for the weekend and come back to normal.

I am not saying the Allies are grinches when it comes to this event, maybe they tend to stay away from large rambunctious crowds? Or they may prefer to celebrate in the quiet refines of their own home.

I am sure an Annie could lure them out of hiding for a few minutes with the enticing promises of a Pork Chop sandwich, a Lemonade Shake Up, an elephant ear, and what about a funnel cake? Might as well grab a corn dog and egg roll while we are at it. Oh, I heard there were going to be Didoughs Pretzels this year.

Ummm... what was I saying? 

Anywho, I’m curious to know your thoughts on this hogtastic celebration, are you an Annie or an Allie?