Learning To Dance With Annie & Allie

Do you ever have that moment where you are performing an activity and in your mind you are thinking, "Hell yes! I am SO awesome at this. I am truly amazing." But in reality you actually look like you are having a muscle spasm attack?

No? Oh, well nevermind.

Annie and I have this problem almost daily, especially when it comes to the latest dance trends. Today I am going to tell you about us attempting to learn the Floss, Shoot, and Worm.

While we were in Chicago for the StyleMax show for our Boutique we decided to try and learn The Floss dance move that has been so popular this year.

You see these young kids moving their arms and hips so fast and it appears to be a pretty basic move, right? Um...WRONG. We failed so hard! Took us a while to even remotely look somewhat coordinated, emphasis on the somewhat, but we eventually got it kind of right...maybe. 



Then it was the Shoot Dance? Is that even what it's called? We aren't sure, but it is that move where you kick your leg and pump your fist while hopping up and down. Once again, sounds and looks pretty basic but apparently not the case.




Finally, we tried our luck with the famous Worm Dance.... that went over really well. Literally falling face first into the grass and flopping around like a fish out of water we came out with sore hamstrings, grass stains, and a slightly bruised ego. We give major props to anyone who CAN perform these difficult dance moves with ease. So, if you want a few laughs, check out our videos and see for yourself. If you can or want to attempt some of these please tag or send us a video, we would love to see!